Why Jason

Why Jason


With three years of experience in retail banking, four years as Chief Deputy Treasurer, and four years serving as City Treasurer, Jason has a unique mix of both private and public sector experience.  In his first term as Treasurer he has constantly sought out process improvements and innovative ideas.  Jason also holds certifications from the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia, the Association of Public Treasurers, and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.


Jason is a firm believer in accountability in local government, prudent fiscal management, and transparency.  As Treasurer he will continue to promote accountability for both the Treasurer’s Office and the City’s financial picture as well, acting as an independent voice for you, the citizen.  Jason is also a firm believer in data-driven decisions, and measures every aspect of the office’s performance on a monthly basis looking for opportunities for improvement.


Since coming to the City, Jason has led efforts to expand payment options for citizens and reduce costs of payments. Under his leadership the office has improved customer service tools and response times, and improved the efficiency and accuracy of payment processing.  Jason’s experience in the office, coupled with new and fresh ideas, will help identify areas of opportunity to expand services and efficiency for citizens.

Jason’s Accomplishments:

  • 100% Clean Audits from the State Auditor of Public Accounts
  • Creation of an Automated Payment Plan for semi-annual tax bills, generating $560,000 annually
  • New Three Year Dog Tag Program to improve efficiency and service
  • New Parking Waiver Program for Downtown Parking
  • 99% Collection Rate for Major Revenue Streams
  • Software Enhancements for a Variety of Internal Systems
  • Electronic Payment Program collected $550,000 in delinquent tax revenue
  • Reduced Credit Card Costs by 25%
  • New Fully Implemented Investment Strategy
  • Online Payment Platform for School Lunch called “My School Bucks”
  • Enhanced Security Features for Online and Credit Card Payments
  • Created a pilot program for accepting Large Item Pickup payments online
  • Expanded hours at tax deadline to better assist taxpayers
  • Returned over $330,000 in unclaimed property and refunds to City residents